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About Us

Started in 1997, Peek~A~Boo! Home Day Care in Southborough, Massachusetts is a large family childcare for children of various ages, from infants to five-year-olds. We have more than 20 years of experience in childcare.

Wendy Buzzell is a passionate individual with a BA in early childhood education (ECE). She runs our day care together with her daughter who has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.

We believe that communication between parent and child is paramount. Your cooperation with us, while we take care of your child, is essential to our success. Together, we will be able to leave a positive mark on your child’s development.

Nutrition Policy

At Peek~A~Boo! Home Day Care, we believe in providing nutritious, kid-friendly meals to children. We are enrolled in the USDA food program through Yours for Children, and we follow health guidelines to ensure the proper nutritional quality of the meals and promote healthy eating.

In order to participate in the program, we must ensure that meals include the following nutritional components. Our policy states that we must allow your child to choose whether he or she wants to try the food (take a bite), but we will not force them to eat food that they don’t find pleasing or appealing. You will be asked to fill out and sign a permission slip for the program. Examples are in parenthesis.

Breakfast: 8:15 AM – 9:00 AM 

  • Milk (1% for Ages Two and Up; Whole Milk for Ages 1-2; Formula for Infants)
  • Fruit or Vegetable (Strawberries, Bananas, Cantaloupe)
  • Bread or Cereal (Cheerios, Life Cereal, English Muffins, Bagels)

Lunch: 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM

  • Milk
  • Meat or Meat Alternate (Chicken Breast, Lunch Meats, Meatballs, Beans)
  • Fruit (Apples, Blueberries, Bananas)
  • Vegetable (Peas, Corn, Broccoli, Green Beans)
  • Bread or Alternatives (Rice, Potatoes, Rolls)

Snack: 3:30 PM (at Least Two of the Following Four Components) 

  • Milk
  • Meat or Alternative
  • Fruit, 100% Fruit Juice, or Vegetable
  • Bread or Alternative

We no longer give morning snacks since we discovered that it was filling the children up too much before lunch. This rule changes in the summer when there is less of a schedule to keep, and we play outdoors more.

There is always water available, and we give snacks to the children if they seem hungrier than usual for any reason. Food is always served in kid-friendly portions, and older children are encouraged to serve themselves from time to time, “family style.”

We spend a minimum of one hour outdoors if the weather permits. If we are unable to play outdoors, we do physical activities indoors like dancing, jumping, etc.

If your child is going to miss a scheduled meal, please make sure they eat before they arrive. Please do not bring food for your child to “finish” upon arrival. This impedes other scheduled activities. Thanks.

Discharge Policy

Child Withdrawal

If the parent/guardian finds it necessary to withdraw his or her child from care, he/she must give a four (4) week notice prior to withdrawal or pay for those 4 weeks for immediate withdrawal. If this is not followed, legal action may be necessary.

Child Discharge

It might be necessary for us to give a notice to a parent/guardian that we will cease caring for his or her child. We will give the notice to the parent/guardian four (4) weeks prior to ceasing care. In rare cases of severe problems (abuse of another child after repeated corrections and parental conferencing), we may be forced to release the child from care without giving a 4-week notice. You will still be expected to pay for those 4 weeks.

Care may be terminated for the following reasons:

  • The child is unhappy and unable to find comfort in the family childcare setting.
  • The parent/guardian routinely abuses drop-off and pick-up times.
  • The parent/guardian consistently doesn’t pay childcare fees on time, after repeated attempts to collect fees.
  • The parent/guardian neglects to work together with the educator as a team to provide consistent guidance and discipline for their child.
  • The parents demonstrate abusive behaviors, commit verbal abuse, and/or make threats toward the educator, assistants, or the educator’s family (Immediate Termination).
  • The parents discipline children (other than their own) in any way while at home day care.
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